Claire is a Professional Coach specialising in ADHD with over 350 training hours completed. Her coaching career began with Coaching Development Ltd, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited course. She also completed the education modules in ADHD coach specific training with the ADD Coaching Academy based in New York and has completed the Professional Advanced course.

She has her own personal journey with ADHD specific coaching as a client, where she has done the work herself and this means that she can meet her clients with great empathy and understanding as she has walked the path before them. She also has an array of training and practical experiences in various methods which she uses to inform her practice and these methods are integrated at every opportunity.

Claire also has extensive experience advocating on behalf of those who don't have a voice within the realms of radio, television and print media. She is a champion for people who are miss-understood and not being heard.

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Claire has years of personal, professional and volunteering experience working with children, young people and adults across various disciplines and industries. This includes individual support, family support, group work ,facilitation, coaching, team management, project planning and implementation.

As a social care practitioner, Claire she has been working in partnership with vulnerable and disadvantaged communities advocating on their behalf and supporting them to achieve real sustainable change in their lives. In order to create better outcomes for their futures, she provided early intervention and crisis management support in a wide range of issues such as disability, special educational needs, mental health, child protection, trauma, domestic abuse and homelessness.

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As Irelands second ever ADHD Coach, Claire would class herself as feeling incredibly privileged to be working with creative individuals who have extremely unique, talented brains. She is grateful for the opportunity to journey with her clients as they invite her to partner with them as they achieve their hopes and dreams while creating space to discover who they are and giving them permission to be their true authentic selves.

'One of my biggest ambitions is to change the way people perceive themselves in relation to neurodiversity, with the hope of influencing the outcomes in later life for children and reduce the challenges that adults are faced with on a daily basis.'

Every time we have a conversation about neurodiversity, we are making that change happen.'


  • Undergoing Professional Advanced ADHD Training.

  • Certificate in ADHD Coaching Education.

  • Diploma in Professional Coaching Skills.

  • Level 9, Postgrad in Mental Health Promotion.

  • Level 8, BA in Sociology and Irish.

  • Level 6, Early Childhood Education.


  • WRAP.

  • Yoga, Breath work and Meditation.

  • ​Mental Health, Suicide Intervention and Self Harm.

  • ​Child/ Youth Participation & Behaviour Management.

  • ​Children First Child Protection.

  • ​Non Violent Resistance Intervention.

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