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Body doubling simply means doing a task in the presence of another person. It is a supportive resource to aid those who struggle to complete boring everyday tasks that don't create challenge, stimulation or induce dopamine.

Neurodivergent's often find it challenging to get started, struggle to stay on task and are easily distracted. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed and end up procrastinating or experiencing task paralysis.


The Body doubling Membership creates a safe space for neurodivergents to meet virtually and keep each other company while they work. Through the Focus Tribe you will experience accountability, support and most importantly, fun. As you make your way through your to-do list, you get the chance to share the space with other like-minded individuals and boost your productivity.

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Members sit side by side through Zoom and work on their own individual tasks.

  • Open plan monthly calendar

  • Unlimited weekly sessions.

  • Member led booking system.

  • Virtual sessions through zoom.

  • Small groups.

  • Private forum.

  • Make new friends.

Members can use the sessions to work on whatever task they choose. 

  • Work projects/College work.

  • Paperwork/paying bills/booking appointments.

  • Housework i.e. hoovering/decluttering.

  • Practicing music/reading/writing.

  • Planning your week.

  • Prepare/cook/eating food.

  • Exercise/yoga/home workouts/meditation.

All new members will get a 14 Day FREE Trial and You Can Cancel at Anytime!

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I can't recommend Internal Connections enough. This is the perfect antidote to ADHD procrastination/overwork! It's like a hit workout but for the ADHD brain Grounding techniques, a really positive energy, peer support, accountability, body doubles, short focused work time and planning our schedule. Everything our brains need to get stuff done! Thanks again Claire I'm so happy I found this group and look forward to many more sessions.


—  LS, Model & Actress

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Productivity Group: Testimonials

Turn Your To-Do List, Into a Did-It List!

Join members of the Irish ADHD and ND community on a virtual coworking schedule with unlimited weekly sessions where you can connect with others who have committed to staying focused and hold each other accountable at a time that suits you from the comfort of your own home.

14 Day FREE Trial and Cancel Anytime!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


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