Neurodivergent's often find it challenging to get started, struggle to stay on task and are easily distracted. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed meaning things pile up and we feel buried under all the things we have to do.

Body doubling sessions on zoom with other neurodivergents will enable you to focus on the task at hand while 

experiencing accountability, support and most importantly, fun. As you make your way through your to-do list, you get the chance to share the space with other like-minded individuals and play a part in creating the ADHD focus tribe.

Participants can use the sessions to work on whatever task they choose. ​Here are some examples:

  • Work projects/College work

  • Paperwork/paying bills/booking appointments

  • Housework i.e. hoovering/washing the dishes/clearing clutter

  • Practicing music/reading/writing

  • Planning your week

  • Prepare/cook/eating food

  • Exercise/yoga/home workouts/meditation



Join the focus tribe by purchasing a membership which includes facilitated sessions and a virtual coworking schedule with over 30 weekly sessions where you can connect with other neurodivergents who have committed to accountability at a time that suits you in order to get things done!

  • Stimulated

    Every month
    Focus Forever
    • Recurring Payments/Cancel Anytime
    • Virtual Body Doubling Schedule
    • Members Only Group & Resources

Please Note: This is a recurring monthly membership, sessions cannot be carried over. You are entitled to cancel your plan at any time.


Turn Your To-Do List Into a Did-It List!



I can't recommend Internal Connections enough. This is the perfect antidote to ADHD procrastination/overwork! It's like a hit workout but for the ADHD brain Grounding techniques, a really positive energy, peer support, accountability, body doubles, short focused work time and planning our schedule. Everything our brains need to get stuff done! Thanks again Claire I'm so happy I found this group and look forward to many more sessions.

—  LS, Model & Actress