Turn Your To-Do List Into a Did-It List!


Neurodivergent's often find it challenging to get started, struggle to stay on task and are easily distracted. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed meaning things pile up and we feel buried under all the things we have to do.

Start your week with a facilitated Focus Sessions on Zoom where you can experience accountability, support and most importantly, fun. As you make your way through your tasks, you get the chance to share the space with other like-minded individuals and play a part in creating the ADHD focus session tribe.

Participants can use the sessions to work on whatever task they choose. ​Here are some examples:

  • Work projects/College work

  • Paperwork/paying bills/booking appointments

  • Housework i.e. hoovering/washing the dishes/clearing clutter

  • Practicing music/reading/writing

  • Planning your week

  • Prepare/cook/eating food

  • Exercise/yoga/home workouts/meditation