Warrior's Fall Too

Warrior: a brave or experienced fighter. 

I am witnessing so much strength, courage and perseverance all the world over. 

This pandemic is impacting each and everyone of us in one way or another.

In troubled times, those who we turn to for support often respond by telling us to stay strong, and this is the encouragement that we need to keep going.

However there is another side to this. 

People’s perception of what strong looks like and their idea of what we should do in this time varies.

There is a notion that if we crumble and fall that there is no way back. 

That showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness. 

That we must hold it together and pretend that everything is ok.

That if we ignore the pain and suffering, it’ll be as if it wasn’t there.

Truth is, that it is in the falling where the magic happens. 

When you release what doesn’t serve you, you transform into a better version of yourself. 

You allow yourself to excel forward having shed the heavy burdens holding you back. 

When you face the most difficult parts, that is when you become stronger.

And you awaken from the experience. 

Sometimes we need people to give us permission to fall apart so that better things can come together.

This is me giving you permission. 

So if you are finding it difficult to be the best version of yourself right now.

If you have fallen out of routine or let anxiety get the better of you.

If you needed to hide away from the world or simply just did not feel like fighting anymore, 

I am here to tell you that in those moments, it doesn’t mean that you are not being strong, an