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What Our Clients Said

We place a huge value on community feedback in helping us grow and develop our
services to meet clients' needs. We also understand how important it is for you to gain insights from others who have walked the walk before you.

Youth Voices


Parents Feedback

"Claire worked with my twin girls. Both the girls appeared less anxious in situations that normally cause them to be stressed. I felt they were more rational about certain things. They are managing their emotions better and benefited greatly from meeting other children with similar issues and felt comfort in knowing they aren't alone in some of their struggles. That fact that Claire is a fellow neurodiverse person had a big influence in the success."

JT, Accountant, Cork


College Group Voices


Having the space to learn about who I am and how my brain works has helped me to reduce college stress & improve my mental health.


College can be overwhelming at the best of times, never mind having ADHD. Knowing I am not the only one is so valuable.


I went from feeling stuck & procrastinating due to fear of failure to staying on top of things & being proud of my exam results.


Personal Feedback

I'm only diagnosed a year and have been lucky to be working Claire since my diagnosis. First in a group setting and the onto one to one coaching for the past three months. Claire is empathetic and straight talking. She's been able to help me in creative ways with tools that are catered to my needs specifically. Since working with Claire I've become more patient with myself and more able to prioritise what's important in my day to day life.

ACW, Wicklow

Adult Group

Adult Group Voices

Executive Feedback

Executive Feedback

Working with Claire helped me to really understand ADHD which was the most important step for me. Once I could understand it Claire was able to show me techniques and tools that have made my career and life more fulfilling. I don't fear tasks any longer and I am a more authentic me. That wouldn't have been possible without Claire.

SD, Sales Manager, Meath

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