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What Our Clients Said

We place a huge value on community feedback in helping us grow and develop our
services to meet clients' needs. We also understand how important it is for you to gain insights from others who have walked the walk before you.





Youth Voices

“Claire has been an amazing support to my son at a very difficult time recently. The frustration and anxiety he is experiencing with his ADHD was explained to him in a way that he understood so that he knows now what way his brain works particularly in stressful times.  It was like a light bulb moment!”

SM, Parent, Dublin

“Claire helped me cope with my ADHD. I am doing much better in school, and my teachers even gave me recognition for it. I am even doing better in my tests. Claire gave me exercises and techniques that helped me manage my anger in a safer and healthier way.  It was good to talk to someone else who has ADHD.  I feel more proud of myself.”

DL, LC, Dublin


AW, Doctor, Dublin

"Having attended Claire with my daughter, I found her kind, thorough and compassionate in her consultation. She has a great ability to listen and tune into the core issues and also come up with solutions. She shows great empathy and patience when dealing with challenging issues. I would highly recommend Claire.”

Youth Group Voices

Somewhere in my head, I thought I was the only one. Thanks to this group now I know I'm not alone and that there are plenty of others just like me.

IT, 12

I loved EVERYTHING about this group.

JB, 10

MD, 12

I knew there were other neurodivergents out there, but I didn’t know that they would have the same feelings as me. This course I saw loads of similarities and it was nice to know I am not alone.
Youth Group

Adult 1:1 Voices

"My coaching sessions with Claire have become a highlight of the week. She is able to challenge me while maintaining a supportive environment and she helps me to understand my thought process around complex topics. The strategies I've learned have helped me immensely in my day to day life and Claire has given me new perspectives that have allowed me to finally begin reaching my potential, both professionally and in my personal life. The difference between before and after coaching with Claire is like night and day."

SR, Physicist, Dublin

"I found the sessions really empowering and I love how Claire has helped me recognise my strengths. Our sessions gave me great confidence in myself and my abilities. I definitely feel so much more of a "Can Do" attitude after our work together. I love how Claire has ADHD herself which helps you feel at ease, knowing she has the unique skills and lived experience to help you personally."

EL, Personal Trainer, Dublin

BD, Retail, Dublin

"Claire is amazing. She has been a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine, especially during lockdown. Claire works so hard with me to achieve my goals. She gives me insights I may not see myself. I find it's just like being with a friend. I've learned amazing techniques, many of which I've used multiple times to help in various situations. I never before thought myself as someone who might need these techniques but how wrong I was. Work smart not hard, and be kind to yourself. Using these techniques is a kindness to yourself, makes things you enjoy more enjoyable and things that scare you become an opportunity! Claire cares, she has your best interests at heart and she wants nothing more than to see you exceed. Every session I've had with her has lifted my spirits, cheered me up and empowered me."


Adult Group Voices

Claire is so knowledgeable regarding everything ADHD plus her style of coaching was so validating and supportive. These group coaching sessions played such a pivotal role in helping me understand myself more, how to manage my symptoms and of course begin to embrace all my ADHD strengths too. There was a sense of feeling at home being amongst other adults with ADHD. It's an investment you won't regret.

AH, Teacher, Cleveland

Adult Group
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